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Craft Room Tour & Ink Pad Storage

It’s time for an updated craft room tour! I am focusing on storage for ink pads and refills. I will try out some new storage options in a variety of price ranges and let you know my favorites. Make sure to watch the video of the craft room tour update for all the details.

Let’s start with the new Ink Pad Carousel from Stamp-n-Storage. This item is amazing. It’s round and spins so you can get to all of your inks, which is much improved from my previous way of storing these ink pads. Make sure to see the video for before and after.

Next, we look several options for ink refills. I like storing mine in a grid caddy or stadium storage. The stadium storage can be found on Amazon and is less expensive but I also love the easy of the grid caddies. Make sure to see both items in the video.

Last, I wanted a new and better way to store my mini ink pads. I chose 2 different ways to display these. The first uses the mini ink trays from Organize More. These trays are perfect and very sturdy. They fit well in my Alex drawers.

I chose a DIY answer to my Catherine Pooler inks that works great for me. Make sure to check out the video for how to make the swatches and storage for these.

Links below are affiliate links. Make sure to click through these if you are interested in any of the products. Also, check out my Amazon Store for constantly updated lists of cool finds for the craft room.

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